Днепропетровская специализированная детско-юношеская спортивная школа олимпийского резерва № 5

Dnepropetrovsk specialized youth sports school of Olympic reserve № 5 was opened in 1967.


In the sports facilities thousands of boys and girls acquire sports skills in the offices for boys and girls.


During its existence the school were prepared: Olympic champion - Elena Zhirkova and Lyudmila Rogozhina, European champions - Nick Fesenko, Victoria Leleka, Natalia Silyanova; champions of the USSR - Andrew Podkovyrov, Andrew Shaptala, Anatoly Kovtun, Oleg Krizhanovskii, Aleksandr Shevchenko, who competed in the World Student - Andrew Podkovyrov, silver medalist of the World Student - Vladimir Koval.

Днепропетровская специализированная детско-юношеская спортивная школа олимпийского резерва № 5 To date SDYUSSHOR № 5 enrolled more than a thousand children, 30 coaches. Of these, 1 - Honored coach of the USSR and Ukraine (I.E. Mayzlin), 2 Honored coach of Ukraine (E.B. Taslitsky, M.B. Promyslovky), Honored Worker of Physical Education and Sport (E.B. Taslitsky) 5 Masters of sports of Ukraine, 11 coaches have the highest category, 7 - I category. The school works PhD in physical education and sport professor E.A. Mitova and PhD O.A. Yelfimova. They take part in the teaching experiments, conduct scientific research to compile the test results, provide theoretical and practical advice in the preparation of athletes.


The school has a sports facility, which includes: gymnasium, methodical center with multimedia facilities, recreation center, medical office. SDYUSSHOR № 5 also uses a base of Dnipropetrovsk high school physical education, his basketball hall, swimming pool, fitness center, as well as database commands Masters Superleague Dnepr - a sports hall, stadium, a fitness center.


The school works closely with the public schools of the city, which conducted a set of children and classes in the initial stages of preparation.


For many years SDYUSSHOR № 5 in close touch with the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Physical Culture and Sports. However, conducting career-oriented work to attract high school graduates for study at the university and the coaching and training of teachers.

The entire complex can SDYUSSHOR № 5 to prepare athletes for high-end Masters Major League teams and Super League.